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A comparison of IBM WebSphere Application Server and JBoss by RedHat.

White Paper Published By: IBM
Published:  Oct 09, 2009
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

In recent years, Open Source Software has been receiving significant consideration in the IT industry. As the maturity and reliability of open source application servers increases, more organizations will be looking to introduce them into their environment. While some concerns regarding open source are still being debated, a number of companies are experimenting with and deploying open source application servers in their datacenters. While some are attracted to the ability to view and modify source code as needed, a large majority are attracted to the perceived cost savings of open source. There is no question that for certain types of deployment environments products such as Apache Tomcat, Geronimo, JBoss® Application Server (JBoss or JBoss AS) and IBM WebSphere® Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) may be cost-effective alternatives, and it is important for IT managers to take advantage of the cost savings they can offer. In many environments, however, commercial application servers have cost advantages over OSS alternatives. As our study demonstrates, using an OSS application server under those circumstances can actually be higher.

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