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McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor provides Foundstone with advanced policy reporting capabilities. With this software customers can take in Foundstone data and “link” corporate security policies and standards to specific Foundstone checks to ensure business policy objectives are being adhered to across the network.With PolicyLab™, our patent-pending policy development environment, you can cost-effectively report compliance against your own custom security policies too. Out of the box, you can easily demonstrate and monitor compliance, identify configuration and security holes, and prioritize noncompliance issues. Over time, you will then be able to demonstrate reduced security risk.Drastically cut the costs of producing security compliance reports and reduce your reliance on expensive consultants with this automated process. By efficiently scaling manual reporting processes, McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor helps you perform more frequent audits, eliminate the need for manual pre-audits, and reduce the likelihood of legal or regulatory exposure.
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