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Nevis Networks

Nevis Networks was founded in 2002 by an ASIC engineer from Juniper Networks and a software engineering manger from Cisco Systems who shared a vision that the worlds of enterprise networking and LAN security were coming together. Their goal: to create a network infrastructure-based security solution that combines high-speed security processing at low latency - full LAN security with no compromise to performance. Nevis Networks delivers a powerful breakthrough solution for LAN security.Using its own ASIC-based technology, Nevis builds LAN security systems from the ground up that forge a Personal DMZ™, which adds a new layer of security policies for each individual user. Nevis security solutions, operating at wirespeed, combine real-time, dynamic access control, in-depth threat detection and containment, and pervasive visibility to ensure data integrity, network availability and regulatory compliance.
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Nevis Networks
Phone :
(650) 254-2500

Address :
295 N Bernardo Ave.
Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043

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