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KM Sciences Inc. is a privately owned corporation (est. 1999), made up of seasoned information technology veterans who have proven themselves in a variety of industry settings – from hardware design, manufacturing and OEM sales, to large-scale operating system/peripheral integration. We have worked for very large customers and very small. We look at the question of how companies manage knowledge as experienced professionals but with a fresh approach.KM Sciences is dedicated to providing excellent knowledge management systems. We have developed a very flexible and comprehensive knowledge engine on which our products are based.It is our belief that knowledge management is the wave of the future and is a very exciting field. Through experience we realize it is important to make it practical to use. Our goal is to allow the customer to use existing interface and existing data to seamlessly capture information in the data base as they work. This provides the user with the tools needed to increase productivity through good knowledge management, document handling and collaboration. We have implemented project/product delivery tools that are multi-dimensional, yet practical. These tools offer immediate benefits allowing project leaders to “jump-start” their ideas in the early phases of a project and follow through all the way to retaining the knowledge as a company asset.
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KM Sciences
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(714) 692-3367

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22347 La Palma Ave., Suite 102
Yorba Linda, CA 92887-3826

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