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Thoughtful Automation Transforms Customer Care

White Paper Published By: ttec
Published:  Jul 24, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

The pace of automation in the contact center is accelerating as it moves from IVR and routing to artificial intelligence and bots. With the digitization of contact center operations, the status quo is being upended. Technological advances in robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning (ML) for both customer and employee interactions are literally changing the face of customer care.

Simple, repetitive tasks donít need a person to do them anymore. Chatbots and self-service knowledge bases put the control in customersí hands to resolve their own issues quickly. Information from across the business can more easily be accessed, integrated, and analyzed to streamline back office and customer-facing functions. Companies are creating digital worker factories that leverage AI and ML to improve their business.

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