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New Tools For Protecting Cloud Services From Emerging Threats

Webinar Published By: AWS
Published:  Dec 19, 2018
Type:  Webinar

Cisco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) believe not only in making it simple to connect to the cloud, but also to protect your cloud services. Security is not just an on-premises or a cloud thing. It’s every-“thing” and everywhere. Gaining pervasive security means you need visibility across your entire IT environment to help you effectively identify and mitigate security threats.

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud provides scalable visibility and delivers secure network behavioral analysis across on-premises and AWS environments to help identify anomalous activity that could indicate a security threat. This self-learning security solution continually refines its behavioral models as it monitors your environment, ultimately improving its functionality and reducing the costs required for manual security checks and updates.

Watch our webinar to learn how JetBrains increased transparency and reduced threat exposure by deploying Stealthwatch Cloud on AWS. Along with increased infrastructure protection, Jetbrains is now able to rapidly identify potential security threats that were not recognized before deployment.

Download our webinar to learn

  • How to achieve scalable visibility and security analytics across your business

  • The benefits of extending your organization’s network visibility across your on-premises and cloud environments

  • Details on best practices for accelerating incident response and forensics

  • How Stealthwatch Cloud simplifies your visibility and identifies potential threat activity

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