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Accelerate Your SAP HANA Migration with Capgemini & AWS FAST

Webinar Published By: AWS
Published:  Aug 06, 2018
Type:  Webinar

Migrating your critical SAP workloads to AWS can help you enhance agility, reduce costs, and stimulate innovation, while also presenting an opportunity to upgrade to SAP HANA. However, many are still unsure about where to start, what their strategy and roadmap should look like, and whether to upgrade to SAP HANA before or after migration. Capgemini and AWS understand these considerations and provide mature solutions to help you plan and execute your migration. Additionally, the SAP Rapid Migration Test program (also known as AWS FAST) provides processes, procedures, and tools to help you eliminate any uncertainties of this transition, with results in as quick as 48 hours. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Capgemini and AWS FAST help businesses thoroughly plan and accelerate migrations to SAP HANA.

Join us to Learn:
  • How to evaluate your cloud readiness and adopt a strategy (roadmap) to construct an architecture that drives the greatest value in the shortest amount of time
  • How pre-configured SAP solutions on AWS infrastructure can cut down your implementation costs and timelines
  • How you can migrate on-premises SAP infrastructure to AWS to reduce costs and achieve greater scalability and agility

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