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Azure Cosmos DB E-book

White Paper Published By: Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Published:  Apr 11, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  16 pages

When you extend the global reach of your enterprise, youíll find new markets for your products and services. That means reaching more potential customers, bigger growth potential, and higher ROI. But to tap into those emerging markets, you need to provide the best, most consistent user experience. Now, itís possible for you to build, deploy, and manage modern apps at scale with a globally-distributed databaseówithout the hassles associated with hosting in your data center.

Read the e-book Build Modern Apps with Big Data at a Global Scale and learn how Azure Cosmos DB, a globally-distributed turnkey database service, is transforming the world of modern data management.
Keep access to your data available, consistent, and safeówith industry-leading, enterprise-grade security and compliance. Start developing the best app experience for your users based on five well-defined consistency models:
  • Strong: Favors data consistency. Ideal for banks, e-commerce processing, and online booking.
  • Bounded Staleness: Delivers accurate data in a reasonable timeframe, in chronological order. Works best with GPS data collecting and shipping apps.
  • Session: Provides logical and real-time data to assist profile updates, music apps, and retail.
  • Consistent Prefix: Serves a sequential order of data to the user. Example scenarios include sports updates and social media comments.
  • Eventual: Emphasizes availability over write order. Great for product reviews, wall posts, and receipt retrieval.
Tell us about yourself and download Build Modern Apps with Big Data at a Global Scale today.

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