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Securing macOS in the modern work era

White Paper Published By: MobileIron
Published:  Mar 30, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

Global enterprises have entered a new era of
modern work, one where individuals need to make
well-informed decisions on the fly, using the tools
they know and love best. Fueling this trend is the
millennial generation, which makes up a growing
percentage of today’s enterprise workforce. These
workers want to be able to choose the best tools
without their mobile experience or privacy being
compromised, and they are flooding the enterprise
with their preferred devices and apps. The popularity
of Apple among millennials has led to a surge of iOS
and, more recently, macOS devices in the enterprise.
In fact, in Q4 2017 Mac shipments were up 7.3%
year-on-year, which substantially outperformed the
PC market as a whole, which grew by just 0.7%.

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