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Do You Have QA Traceability?

White Paper Published By: Tricentis
Published:  Mar 13, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

In a case of ďif you canít measure it, you canít manage it,Ē
some software project failures occur because of a lack of
traceability ó that is, an incomplete record of
documentation around software quality assurance efforts.

The lack of traceability has a significant impact on QA
testing effectiveness and meeting strategic goals. However,
with optimal traceability, testing becomes more efficient
and enables collaboration throughout the software
development lifecycle, as well as between product owners
and organization leaders.

Traceable data points across the testing process should:

  • Ensure test elements remain in the queue as activity shifts from requirements gathering and analysis to creating testing scenarios, test-case development and test completion;
  • Inform development where problems are so they can proactively prevent future glitches;
  • Prove execution of each requirement of a testing strategy;
  • Speed feedback within the software development workflow, which can shorten cycle time overall and move software to market faster;
  • Integrate layered testing efforts and
  • Suggest gaps in test design;
  • Capture status on all tests and append logs for failed test cases. 
  • Each multi-stage archived record builds efficiency in a user interface accessible to all stakeholders.
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