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The Rise of the Renaissance Database Administrator

White Paper Published By: Oracle
Published:  Oct 20, 2017
Type:  White Paper

What do these market-defining trends have in common? · Analytics for all

· Analytics as competitive differentiator

· Internet of Things

· Artificial intelligence/Machine learning/Cognitive computing

· Real-time analytics/event management

They all rely on data – timely, accurate data delivered within an insightful context – to deliver value. The question is: who in the enterprise is most qualified and prepared to help deliver on the vision and values of the data-driven enterprise?

It’s going to take a special type of professional to deliver that value to enterprises. Organizations are seeking professionals to step forward and take the lead, provide guidance and lend expertise to move into the brave new world of digital. The move to digital and all that it entails – sophisticated data analytics, online customer engagement and digital process efficiency – requires, above all, the skills and knowledge associated with handling data and turning it into insights. The move to digital is also a search for leadership, and senior executives are only too aware that they alone do not have the skills and know-how to make it happen.

Database administrators are in the right place, at the right time, for this emerging opportunity. This is the time for DBAs to step forward, take a leadership role, and move the enterprise to take action. Who else can we look to as stewards of customer information, transaction data and intellectual property? DBAs have the knowledge and education to secure sensitive data on behalf of organizations and citizens of the known universe. Now is the time for DBAs to be proactive and lead their companies to successfully move into the digital realm

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