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Protecting sensitive corporate data from the full spectrum of mobile risks

Webinar Published By: Lookout
Published:  Aug 28, 2017
Type:  Webinar

The world has changed. Yesterday everyone had a managed PC for work and all enterprise data was behind a firewall. Today, mobile devices are the control panel for our personal and professional lives. This change has contributed to the single largest technology-driven lifestyle change of the last 10 years.

As productivity tools, mobile devices now access significantly more data than in years past. This has made mobile the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk that includes cyber attacks, a range of malware families, non-compliant apps that leak data, and vulnerabilities in device operating systems or apps. A secure digital business ecosystem demands technologies that enable organizations to continuously monitor for threats and provide enterprise-wide visibility into threat intelligence.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • What makes up the full spectrum of mobile risks
  • Lookout's Mobile Risk Matrix covering the key components of risk
  • How to evolve beyond mobile device management
  • The in's and out's of mobile threat intelligence
  • How everyday employee behaviors can jeopardize your data, systems, and compliance policies

Tags : 
data protection, mobile risks, productivity tools, cyber attacks, device vulnerabilities

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