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Webinar - How Coca Cola Accelerates Customer-Centered Innovations

Webinar Published By: MuleSoft
Published:  May 02, 2016
Type:  Webinar

The world's most recognizable brand, Coca-Cola is entering a new phase of innovation by connecting with its customers through mobile apps, new product innovations, and smart dispensers. Coke's IT team has evolved from being managers of the back office to becoming critical enablers of innovation.

Topics Covered

  • How Coke is organizing itself to drive customer centered innovations through technology
  • How Coke is connecting cloud, enterprise and partner apps, systems and data with agility, low cost, and high quality
  • How IT is enabling innovations and creativity by decentralizing development and taking it closer to the customer


Satish Panchagnula, Senior Platform Architect, Cloud & Integration Services, Coca Cola BIG
- See more at: https://www.mulesoft.com/webinars/api/how-coca-cola-accelerates#sthash.QwnQokWH.dpuf

Tags : 
coca cola, customer, innovations, agility, low cost, enterprise, wireless, enterprise applications

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