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New Critical Security Controls Guidelines for SSL/TLS Management

White Paper Published By: Venafi
Published:  Aug 10, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

The Internet is built on a foundation of verified trust. Because networks hide the identity of whoever is at the other end of a secure connection, the only way to establish a reasonable level of trust is to place confidence in protected documentation that can act like a passport that confirms an identity.

The need for authentication and assurance is great and options are few; therefore, we have come to rely on encrypted SSL/TLS certificates for almost every new application, appliance, device and cloud service. 

Download this paper to find out how to build an immune system for your network that identifies what SSL/TLS keys and certificates are “self” and trusted, and which are not and therefore dangerous.

Tags : 
security controls, security, security applications, ssl/tls certificates, secure connection, security network

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