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2014 Top Insights for Legal, Risk & Compliance Executives

White Paper Published By: CEB
Published:  Oct 21, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  43 pages

The impact of information is changing and while this change provides great opportunities, it also presents greater risks.  As a result, assurance teams are now being asked to protect this information and use their disciplinary assets to advance risk exploitation.

Regrettably, only 14% of chief audit executives are strongly confident in management’s ability to minimize these risks once they’re detected. And, only 33% of compliance executives have confidence in effective risk mitigation outcomes from their existing monitoring programs.

Traditional monitoring processes and technology advancements alone no longer deliver effective identification, management, and prevention of business risks. Instead, the changing impact of information demands early detection and root cause analysis.

Learn the five critical areas of change that have significant implications for organizations around the globe, and how CEB is supporting leading compliance and audit executives and their teams to address these challenges.

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