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Efficiency, Optimization and Predictive Reliability

White Paper Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Aug 19, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

IT organizations are increasingly being called upon to cost-effectively deliver reliable support for the entire catalog of business services, or risk outsourcing to a managed service provider. Previously, capacity planners and IT architects would use historical trends to predict capacity requirements and simply over-provision to account for any peaks caused by seasonality, error, or extraneous influences like mergers & acquisitions.

Over-provisioning, combined with poor lifecycle management of new resources provisioned in the data center, has led to capacity utilization and inefficiency issues. While historical data is great for understanding past issues and current state of the environment, the performance of servers, hosts and clusters is not linear; at some level of saturation, the performance of that infrastructure will quickly start to degrade.

The impact is that business services dependent on that infrastructure suffer, and users experience longer response times, unavailable applications and unacceptable performance. Lack of predictability and uncertainty has caused many IT organizations to suffer “VM Stall,” meaning they have been unable to advance to a strategic deployment of virtualization and achieve expected levels of consolidation.

IT must understand the impact of change on the infrastructure to ensure performance. Without that insight IT may be unwilling to take that risk.

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