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Requirements for an Application Release Automation Platform

White Paper Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Sep 11, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

The IT world is evolving at a rapid pace. Data center and homegrown applications are increasingly complex, application changes are rising in volume and frequency, and operations are deploying across multiple environments and infrastructure models (physical, virtual and cloud). In order to keep up with increasing business demands, development teams are adopting agile methodologies, and QA is employing automated testing.

Unfortunately, IT operations are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace and efficiency of the development and QA teams. Existing manual and semi-automated approaches are uncoordinated, time-consuming, error-prone and impossible to scale, draining both labor and budget resources. In addition, lack of application deployment visibility impairs the ability to audit and control operations.

The result is a slow, unreliable system that often leads to failures, bottlenecks and delays. 

This white paper discusses why application release and deployment automation platforms are becoming increasingly vital for IT operations in global enterprises and explores the specific requirements of such a platform in order for it to prove beneficial, and effective, and offer a substantial return on investment.

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