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Digital Age/ Digital Goods

White Paper Published By: Vindicia
Published:  Jun 17, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  17 pages

The breadth of digital goods available today is staggering. You can subscribe to everything from identify theft protection and personalized “radio” to streaming movies and sports networks. And there’s probably an innovator dreaming up an entirely new kind of digital good as you read this. Many of these digital offerings are sold on a subscription and recurring basis. Subscription opens up a world of possibilities for building revenue with a core base of loyal customers. But first you need to acquire the customers. This e-book can help. Vindicia Knows How to Monetize Digital Goods Digital Age/Digital Goods outlines customer acquisition essentials for companies that sell digital goods and services on a subscription or recurring basis. What does Vindicia know about acquiring subscription customers? We know what works. Vindicia solutions improve and accelerate the customer acquisition process for many of the world’s leading B2C digital goods and services companies. We’ve processed 143 million credit cards and more than $6 billion in subscription and recurring revenue payments. Vindicia users benefit from regular business reviews in which we analyze their processes and data. We recommend ways that users could grow subscribers, reduce churn, and increase revenue. Those recommendations are tailored to specific Vindicia users, but we’ve noted that many companies aren’t nailing all the basics. When you miss the essentials, you’re leaving money on the table. Don’t. We’ve included some of our top tips in this e-book.

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