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Frost & Sullivan Research: Genesys Wins Global Workload Management Technology Innovation Award

White Paper Published By: Genesys
Published:  Oct 16, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Enterprise Workload Management gets the right work to the right person at the right time, eliminating the outdated manual distribution of work model.

Enterprise Workload Management finally gives organizations the ability to correlate the work that customer service interactions create in the front office -- with the best resource within the organization required to complete that work in the back office. 

Enterprise Workload Management ensures that the highest priority work is being handled by the right resource, and gives managers real-time visibility into when the work will be completed, as well as reports that show the outcomes of the work. Customers get notified when an order or application is processed instead of waiting to hear or having to repeated call back. Employees get specific coaching and training plans based on the results of their work.

Key Differentiators

  • Eliminates a manual, first-in/first-out approach to work item or task selection by employees
  • Determines the next best work item for employees based on business or customer value
  • Distributes work or task distribution to employee based on availability, skill, schedule or location
  • Provides one aggregate view of all work regardless of system or channel
  • Creates virtual work teams with singular missions and objectives
  • Provides both real-time visibility into work item status
  • Offers historical reporting based on work outcomes

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