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J2ME application to perform ‘big data’ operations with HBase under Hadoop

White Paper Published By: MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune
MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune
Published:  Mar 05, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

In today’s world of globalization, almost every leading
organization in any field is struggling to cope up with huge
amounts of data which might be in Petabytes or Zettabyte
generated within the organization as well as data is coming from
outside world constantly. To manage such huge datasets becomes
extremely challenging with current Relational Database Systems
that involve costly join operations; large query solving time as well
as computation time also the security is debatable. That is when the
technology of ‘Big Data’ Hadoop comes in, which believes in large
datasets spread over clusters of server, parallel processing thereby
producing much faster response & enhanced computation time
along with efficient Scaleup capabilities. Hadoop with HBase which
is a No-Sql database is able to provide the above traits. Data
replication in various servers ensures the processing never stops
even if one or few servers go down. Through our project, we would
be handling TBs of data & would be able to perform database
operations like insertion, deletion & retrieval not just on windows
machine but also through android mobile by accessing remotely
our database which will mostly be a Linux machine. Through this
approach we will prove that this technology is much faster, secure
than RDBMS systems being used & this technology will be the
future for managing huge datasets.

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