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Partner Review Guide - Data Center Optimization

White Paper Published By: CDW
Published:  Nov 12, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

Ramping up technologies without first considering how they will integrate into the greater IT fabric can be a perilous and potentially costly decision. In the pursuit of more scalable efficient and agile systems, an effective, individualized data center optimization strategy is not just crucial, it's a necessity.

CDW can help you choose the right approach to data center optimization that helps you spend wisely and implement components and systems that are in sync with your needs. When working with an organization, CDW solution architects ask a series of questions that help shape an optimization strategy:

  • Organizational need identification - What does your organization require? And why?
  • Environmental assessment - What are the opportunities and limitations of your overall physical data center? An environmental assessment can also include a network assessment as well as a storage and consolidation assessment.
  • Future assessment - How will you scale or flex your system requirements based on your organizational needs?
  • Virtualization environment assessment - How virtualized is your organization right now?

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