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Improving Resiliency Without Breaking the Bank

White Paper Published By: SunGard
Published:  Oct 18, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

This whitepaper provides an overview of various ways you can improve effectiveness and costs with a Managed Recovery Program.

If your business is like most today, you must rapidly recover from IT outages to stay competitive and avoid the risk of regulatory problems. Downed systems, along with their applications and associated data, must quickly be restored.

Simply put, many of your applications have a low tolerance for downtime. With the proliferation of mobile devices, wiFi hotspots, and ubiquitous wireless data services, employees want and need access to company applications around the clock.

Using a provider for your backup and resiliency services can provide a robust resiliency without draining IT staff and budget resources needed to deliver the equivalent protection through in-house efforts. Download this whitepaper for a look at various ways that you can improve effectiveness and costs with Sungard's Managed Recovery Program.


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managed recovery program, resiliency, cloud provider, application recovery, data management, business technology

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