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Got VDI? Then Get Real End User Experience to Eliminate the Virtual Visibility Gap

Webinar Published By: Aternity
Published:  Sep 10, 2012
Type:  Webinar

If you are currently evaluating, planning, or managing application performance in a Virtualized Desktop Environment, don't let your VDI project get derailed by poor end user experience. In VDI environments, traditional system metrics, such as CPU, memory, and network utilization, are marginal indicators of actual performance. End User Experience (EUE) management becomes an essential barometer to ensure that end-user facing systems are responsive and high-performing.

Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole by using infrastructure performance tools that are not equipped to monitor and measure true end user experience in VDI environments. Join EMA Research Director Julie Craig and Aternity President & CEO Trevor Matz to learn how to close the VDI end user experience visibility gap.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How desktop virtualization impacts business performance
  • Measuring and determining the impact of VDI on end user experience
  • How to leverage end user experience management to effectively manage SLAs in VDI vs. physical desktop environments

    As a special thank you for your interest, all Webinar registrants will receive a copy of Aternity's newest whitepaper on "Monitoring End User Experience in VDI Environments."

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