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Don't Let Tags Freeze Your Site

White Paper Published By: Ensighten
Published:  Jul 17, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

The modern Web marketing organization relies on numerous third-party digital marketing services such as web analytics, ecommerce platforms, consumer review systems, ad networks, and more. These services take the form of JavaScript "tags" or conversion pixels on web pages, which cause a number of problems. They slow page load considerably which leads to loss of visitors, cart abandonment, and poor customer experience. Because these tags are typically coded by hand onto each web page, they are prone to error and when not functioning properly, tags do not provide accurate data. Also, their deployment requires the involvement of IT, thus marketers are unable to deploy, test, optimize and modify tags as quickly and often as needed. The larger, more complex, and more traffic to the website, the more these problems are amplified.

Tag Management Systems (TMS) solve these critical issues. TMS accelerates web page load and empowers marketers to control all third-party services - deploy, test, optimize, remove tags at any time - through a single web interface. Marketers are more agile and able to respond quickly and intelligently to business needs, as well as make smarter marketing investments, in terms of ad spend and digital marketing services.

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