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Optimizing Application Delivery in Support of Data Center Consolidation

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc
F5 Networks Inc
Published:  Apr 18, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Data center consolidation means more than simply reducing the number of servers, routers, and switches your company has in outlying offices and data centers. Data center virtualization is more than multiple images mapped to physical devices. Efforts to reduce both capital and operating expenditures by consolidating data centers can fail if the applications and the network are not optimized. A consolidation strategy must focus on how a centralized solution can provide a unified way to deliver applications efficiently to all users-whether they are working from a remote office, home office, or on the move.

This white paper explores how organizations can consolidate data centers to create a more intelligent network that will deliver increased value to the users and the business, locally and globally. 

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data center consolidation, data center virtualization, data center strategies, centralizing services, dynamic data centers, data center transformation, data center network, application delivery, network optimization, data center costs, business technology

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