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Executive View: SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Webinar Published By: SAP
Published:  May 02, 2011
Type:  Webinar

Implementing a large, customized business solution may not fit your current budget or timeline. To help your organization run better quickly, SAP offers a new delivery model – providing you with predictable costs, scope, and delivery dates for your implementation before you start. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions combine preconfigured software, best practices, and fixed-scope implementation services at a predictable price. Installed quickly, you can benefit from crucial software functionality within weeks. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions help enable you to:

  • Provide a complete solution with faster time to value
  • Benefit from a predictable, lower cost implementation
  • Simplify the process of purchasing and implementing solutions and services
  • Address your specific business needs
  • Allow functional flexibility to accommodate future growth

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