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How to Protect Your Organization Against Advanced Persistent Threats

White Paper Published By: M86 Security
M86 Security
Published:  Feb 09, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Advanced Persistent Threats have infiltrated several major IT companies, including Google, Adobe and Juniper. Learn how ATPs work and how to launch multi-faceted attacks through this informative report.

Ask yourself:
• What would your employees do if they found a USB stick in the parking lot?
• How susceptible would they be to clicking on a link in a Phishing message?
• Would they approve the installation or update of a third-party browser plug-in?
• How frequently do you update all your desktop applications for vulnerability fixes?

All of these methods have been used in the initial stages of APT attacks on organizations. APTs pose serious new security concerns to organizations, especially if the tools and kits used to create them become commercialized similarly to attack toolkits. This paper will outline the evolution of APTs, explain the motivation behind them, and determine best practices for defending against these threats.

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