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Creating Information Advantage in a Cloudy World:Intelligent Governance Strategies for Cloud Agility

White Paper Published By: EMC Corporation
EMC Corporation
Published:  Dec 09, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  20 pages

The cloud promises to greatly improve and speed our ability to access, process, and share information by abstracting the underlying infrastructure so information and content can flow unfettered. Read this report from the Leadership Council for Information Advantage, and learn how you can enact the organizational, technological, and cultural changes needed to achieve information advantage in cloud environments.  

Find out why the Council believes that organizations that actively shape their cloud deployment strategies and extend strong information governance practices into the cloud will maximize their ability to leverage information for business advantage. Although the move to the cloud does not change information governance requirements, it does transform the risk factors and will increasingly challenge IT creativity in developing new strategies and mechanisms for policy compliance and enforcement. In addition, best practices for information governance in the cloud will require less of an owner-operator mindset and more of an emphasis on solutions integration and vendor management. What is an internal, private, or public cloud? This report gives you definitions, explanations, and suggestions and proposes a road map to help you successfully achieve information governance in a cloud environment. Why should you be interested? The report states that IT organizations that can flexibly integrate new services and technologies and adroitly manage complex chains of relationships, both internal and external, will reap extraordinary benefits. Learn how you can integrate best-in-class cloud solutions from external providers with in-house IT to help your organization achieve true business agility and an information advantage.

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