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Cantaloupe.TV offers a comprehensive solution for marketing with online video. The Cantaloupe video team specializes in producing authentic web video stories for one-to-one marketing and has sent video crews across the globe helping their clients tell their stories. Cantaloupe also provides online video management platforms, Backlight and VideoHere, which are easy-to-use and powerful tools allowing marketers to integrate video into email marketing, websites, blogs, and social media. Founded in 2005, Cantaloupe.TV is a privately held company with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Cantaloupe services a broad set of industries globally. For inquires, contact Jon DiGregory at 317.348.4520 or getjon@cantaloupe.tv. To learn more, visit http://www.cantaloupe.tv.
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Phone :
(317) 594-9999

Address :
11313 USA Pkwy
Fishers, IN

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